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Help for injury victims


uffering an injury in an accident caused by the negligence of another person can leave you and your family with devastating results that can affect the rest of your life. Facing these difficult circumstances should not be done without the help of an experienced attorney to guide you through the legal process of seeking a claim for compensation for damages.  Ribstein & Hogan has years of experience, helping clients throughout eastern South Dakota coping with their injuries and other losses through legal actions filed on their behalf.


egal help for victims. The firm has extensive experience in serious personal injury and death cases. For those accidents that result in catastrophic injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer who has the skill and knowledge to represent you in court should settlement negotiations fail. The firm strongly believes in fighting for your right to fair and full compensation when you have been grievously injured through negligence. Should you choose to be represented by a personal injury attorney from their firm, you can trust that you will be given the tools to effectively deal with the emotional, financial and physical ramifications that can stem from a personal injury accident.

The attorneys at the firm are competent and have the skill, knowledge and experience to offer you the representation you need in virtually any type of accident or injury, including personal injury claims relating to all types of auto accidents, premises liability, and workers’ compensation cases. Any of these cases have the potential to be highly complex, presenting numerous obstacles that a person who is already injured will have to try to overcome.


hoose experienced representation. If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an accident that resulted in a personal injury, then you are already well-aware of the devastating impact that something of this nature can have on your life. Due to the devastating injuries and the financial burden that personal injuries can place on the lives of the victim, it is absolutely imperative that you do not attempt to handle this on your own.

Following a serious injury it is important that you spend your time recovering from your accident and getting back your health. The firm can provide you with caring and dedicated legal representation that will aggressively pursue your interests and allow you to focus on your recovery. Our goal is to maximize your potential settlement through extensive research and investigation into the causes of your accident, thereby exposing all possible negligent parties.