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Assistance with Social Security appeals


ocial Security Disability benefits are like an insurance policy. More specifically called Disability Insurance benefits, if you have paid in enough money over a certain time period and are disabled as defined by the Social Security Administration, you are eligible for benefits. Because the process can be complex and lengthy, having a lawyer to represent your interests is highly recommended.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Serving throughout South Dakota.

At Ribstein & Hogan Law Firm we handle all matters relating to SSD:

Initial applications


Administrative law judge hearings


ur attorneys have the knowledge, resources and experience necessary to effectively represent your interests. We know what elements of the application will be looked at when it is reviewed, and we know what to expect at all points in the process.

We are here to answer your questions, which may include:

How do I know if I am disabled?

Am I disabled enough for SSD?

Can I work while on SSD?

What if I cannot afford a doctor?

Can I collect Supplement Security Income (SSI) and SSD benefits?


he application process for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may seem very straightforward, but oftentimes those who apply for benefits the first time are denied. If you have been denied benefits, you should immediately seek assistance from a lawyer. Our Social Security Disability attorneys handle appealsĀ all the way to the federal court. We are familiar with the appellate process and have handled hundreds of cases before Social Security law judges.